We’re looking for the imaginative

Psych is a new brand with a fresh concept. It’s original in every way from its concept to its packaging. We’re looking to partner with those who love the product as much as we do.

From influencers to streamers and sports teams to events, we want you to aid us in growing our brand worldwide.

Our Partners Are

You think outside the box and seek out new opportunities.

You like to create plans and see them come to life.

You’re a friendly and approachable face for our brand.

Social circles and networks are a firm part of your life.

Apply for sponsorship

Whether you’re an athlete, a streamer, a podcaster, a social media influencer or something else entirely – as long as you’re as psyched about the Psych brand and product as we are, we want you!

If you wish to be considered for sponsorship, please complete the form opposite and our marketing team will review your application and get back to you.